Coal industry is a significant part of the Russian economy, Russia ranks second in the world in terms of coal reserves, and many mines are city-forming facilities. Since 2017, coal production in Russia exceeds 400 million tons per year, more than half of which is exported. Overall investment in capital stocks of coal facilities shows significant growth, 297 million tons of new coal mining capacities have been commissioned.

To enhance industry efficiency, Russian Government is adopting the Programme of coal industry development before 2035. According to the document, 5979.3 billion RUB of investment will be allocated for a large-scale restructuring of the industry. About 30% of the funds will be allocated for supporting projects in the field of railway and port infrastructure.

Modern economics and geopolitics influence the development curve of coal industry all over the globe, including Russia and the CIS.

Learn more about development outlooks of coal industryinvestment projects for construction and modernisation of production capacities as well as transport projects.


Key trends and opportunities for Russian coal industry development in the upcoming decade

Overview of investment projects for construction of new and modernisation of operating capacities planned for 2021-2030

Updates on ongoing infrastructure projects and what capacities are needed for further industry development

The most demanded innovative technologies and solutions, enabling to boost industry development


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Head of Coal Mining Industry Department Center for Energy Research, Federal State Budgetary Organization «Russian Energy Agency» of the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation

Topic of the presentation:

Development trends in the coal industries of Russia


Deputy director - technical director, JSC Coal Company KUZBASSRAZREZUGOL

Topic of the presentation:

Application of digital technologies in the field of industrial safety


Deputy Head of West Siberian Directorate For The Management Of The Terminal And Warehouse Complex (commercial issues), West Siberian Directorate For The Management Of The Terminal And Warehouse Complex – Subsidiary of Russian Railways

Topic of the presentation:

Coal. Innovative loading methods. New services


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Project Producer
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Elizaveta Khrykova
Marketing Manager
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Development and modernisation prospects
of Russian coal facilities

The webinar will be held on 16 July 2021

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The webinar is conducted prior
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