Visitor InSight: Turn real-time visitor metrics into revenue

Personalize each customer experience and optimize the power of every marketing message with Raydiant’s advanced audience measurement and visitor insights. Track and analyze location foot traffic and trends, visitor demographics, audience viewing times, your best and worst performing content, sentiment analysis, and more. It's the Visitor InSight you need to drive more conversions and get more revenue out of every location.

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Get real-time marketing and operational metrics into your locations and screens

Analyze foot-traffic and demographics in every location

Measure marketing programs’ effect on in-store traffic and identify lagging locations.

Break down dwell and wait times by hour to optimize staffing

See how your staffing, traffic patterns and location layouts affect wait times and dwell.

Provide advertisers and marketers verified viewing metrics to justify incremental spend

Provide the metrics you need to boost advertising CPMs and validate additional infrastructure investment

Personalize digital content to maximize sales

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Target the right message to the right audience

Customers spend 40% more with a highly personalized shopper experience.

Optimize content with verified viewing insights

Measure how well each piece of content converts from passing by to viewing to engaging, the average view time and sentiment analysis - and see demographic breakdowns.

Measure and improve targeting rules by audience and location

See the lift in conversion and engagement from each rule and identify optimal content by audience.

Easy enough for store personnel, powerful enough for Fortune 500 data teams


What could you do with simple, actionable InSight into all your locations?


  • Traffic conversion rates from passing by to viewing to engaging

  • Traffic and dwell times by day and time

  • Best and worst performing locations

  • Verified viewing behavior and conversion of each piece of content

  • Demographic breakdowns of store traffic and conversion

See why Visitor InSight data is the secret weapon of brick-and-mortar businesses and indoor DOOH


For Quick Service  Restaurants

One large QSR personalized offers on their menu board and won a top 50 restaurant innovation award for experience impact.

  • Personalize menu and marketing board promotions by demographic

  • Measure wait and dwell times and table turnover to optimize design and staffing plans

  • Identify best and worst performing stores

  • Measure the effect of advertising campaigns on store traffic

  • Sell advertising programs to CPG brands

  • Measure customer sentiment as a KPI


For Retailers & Brands

One major grocer saw 400% sales lift on items on a welcome kiosk targeted with real-time Visitor InSight demographics.

  • Understand changing store traffic patterns

  • Charge more for digital programs with verified viewing and personalization

  • Evaluate online and in-store marketing effectiveness

  • Identify unusual wait times

  • Identify best performing store layouts

  • Measure customer sentiment as a KPI


For Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising

71% of consumers expect personalized messaging, and marketers who use personalization generate 40% more revenue (McKinsey).

  • Provide verified viewing metrics to advertisers

  • Personalize advertising by demographic and increase CPMs

  • Manage your network with real-time audience data

  • Easily integrated into ad servers like PlaceExchange and multiple CMS’s